Monday, July 24, 2006

Movin’ Right Along

Ok, where should I begin? For starters, I bought a phone last week, so I now have a number at which I can be reached. For those of you who are in the circle, you’ll be getting my number soon. I purchased a sexy Samsung E 360-E, a little black number. It cost way more than I should’ve spent, but I have a weakness for sexy electronic devices. Yes, I must admit that it was the sexiness factor that ultimately converted me to Macs. (Macs are so darn sexy. There I said it.) I chose my little Cannon Elph because, once again, its sexiness stood out from the rest. I cannot own a piece of unsexy equipment. We’d clash.

(I can feel so unsexy for someone so beautiful…)

Not only do I have a new phone, but I have a new flat! I signed the lease agreement today and paid the deposit (Saturday). For those of you familiar with Kampala, I’ll be living in Bugolobi Flats, which is very convenient because I’ll be working in Bugolobi and can walk to school. It is also very convenient to the supermarket and the food market. The taxi stand is also near. Bugolobi also has a decent selection of restaurants, both local and international. Café/art galleries have also sprung up all over the place. I’ll rarely have need to go into the city.

Downtown KLA

However, I do love the city.

I went to my regular barber to get my hair cut this week. He was so surprise to see that I’d returned to Uganda. He remembered exactly how I like my hair to be cut, and he even asked if I’d brought the gel that I used to put in my hair. (Used to put… I got out of the habit of wearing gel in Samoa. I got out of the habit of doing many things while in Samoa. Depression. God, it’s great to see the Sun again.)

I went to the supermarket today, and guess what I found. Olive loaf! I confess, I enjoy me some olive loaf. Some of you are throwing up in the back of your mouths a little bit reading this, but I want to keep it real. I’m an olive loaf lover, and I almost danced in the aisle of the supermarket when I saw it. Ok, I did do a little dance. (Keepin’ it real.) If having olive loaf at the supermarket is not a sign of development, I don’t know what is.

Olive loaf

I look forward to decorating my new flat. I’ll post photos of my new domicile next week. I won’t actually move in until Wednesday or Thursday. They were wrapping up a few more renovations.

Killin’ ‘Em

Killin em

Celeste! I made my way back onto the karyoke stage. I must say I was a hit. Don’t they just look enthralled.


bmac said...

i CANNOT believe you live in the bugolobi flats! what are they like inside? did you know idi amin's army used to pound gnuts in the toilets in those flats? and the top floor was reserved for goats and cows? that's AWESOME. i also appreciate the picture on ally gators in garden city. you will find me obnoxiously making comments and exclamations like this on your blog ALL THE TIME.

bugolobi flats. are you kidding?

Nicole Ashley said...

I wish there was video of you singing karaoke. Does your new phone do video clips, because if it does you REALLY need to post some clips. :-)

Update your blog more! (I know, I know, I'm one to talk...) But I miss you and want to know what's going on with you.

Dana said...

YAY! I found your current blog!! I was getting so sad reading your old ones and thinking -- I'll never know what's next for Timothy...

hahahaa. And I am in love with sexy electronic devices as well... I also am being seduced by the mac although it is well beyond my means to consider getting one, I want a mac ibook or something so bad. hahahaha I do have a new camera which is not very sexy, but it's awesome enough to make up for it being a little clunky.

I love Canon cameras. I have a Kodak now and it's really nice, but I still love Canon more.