Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Living Proof

Living Proof

Charles Fort spent much of his life researching the idea that everything is connected and that coincidences happen for a reason. Well, Kelis was once in a trio with the acronym BLU (Black Ladies United).
Calder, Petra, coincidence? What would Charles Fort think?

Monday, October 26, 2009


Hopefully you are aware that Africa's top trio of women performers, the amazing BLU 3, launched their new album, Be Free, last Friday night at KCC Ground, Kampala. Hopefully you were there. If not, you really missed out. My beautiful friends did not let down the audience with their bar-raising show. BLU 3 were not nominated for the MTV Africa Music Award for Best Live Performance for nothing. These women are FABULOUS and know how to command a stage and work an audience. Not to mention, the the voices of Lilian and Jackie are as lovely as the women who possess them. The show on the whole was great. I've been to a live show or two in my time, and I don't remember ever having as much fun as I did at BLU 3's show last Friday. Besides the girls, the other acts, especially Nameless, Navio and GNL , were full of energy and gave fantastic performances. These three guys earned at least one new fan in me.

Now, if I were Gossip Girl, you'd all have received a message like this the night of the show:

Spotted, Juliana K snatching chairs at a VIP table where the occupants didn't even recognise her. Refusing to accept that this was not her night, she exercised her divatude, refusing to give up her and her escorts' seats to the rightful patrons. While her flame might not be burning so bright these days, it's not completely extinguished. Homegirl remained cool as a cucumber, pretending anyone telling her what she didn't want to hear didn't exist and got management to set her up a personal table up front. Love her or hate her, that's a real diva.


A few last words about the show: DJ Benny D sucked and was a waste of time. Not. Entertaining.

Friday, October 23, 2009

When You Least Expect It...

When You Least Expect It...

Seeing this flier at the cash register at the coffee shop this morning (maybe I'm too polite, but I just think there are more appropriate places to advertise the removal of impacted faeces than a place where people are having breakfast) triggered memories of that episode of Will & Grace when Jack has to give the speech at his nursing school graduation after being voted most popular student nurse. Karen wants to take him out for manis and pedis, gentlemen's facials, and when you least expect it... a colonic. They, too, had that discussion over breakfast.

If you're not quite sure what a colonic is, you can follow this link. The flier includes a list of maladies that a colonic can be used as a treatment against. I love how they chose to list first: bad breath. I know that many parts of the body are neurologically connected in ways that I cannot even begin to understand, so it does not surprise me that removing wastes from the bowel can also be claimed to be a way to prevent memory loss. But really?

Some other health benefits according to the flier:
  • Enjoyment of the highest levels of energy day after day.
  • Supple, younger-looking skin.
  • You will never get bored with exercise.
  • And you will learn to enjoy healthy foods.
Amazing. All that from having your colon cleansed with warm water?

Well, Godz Health is the place in Bukasa that brings elegance, simplicity and dignity to internal hygiene. They clean by appointment only, so book today at godzhealth@gmail.com. Phone: 0776119787, 0701119787, 0756119878. Let me know what you think after.

It compares to having a spectacular bowel movement accompanied by a feeling of deep satisfaction...........!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Run for [it]!

Run for [it]!

And we all know what [it] is, right? If you're not sure, well neither am I. But that is the theme for this year's MTN Kampala Marathon that will take place on the 22nd November. I'm registered for the full 42 km marathon. (What was I thinking?)

Training has not been so bad this time around; in fact, I'm quite enjoying it. I was pretty sick of running at this stage of training two years ago, before my first marathon. I guess I know what to expect, physically and mentally, and that makes training easier because I've done it all before. Ironically, it was remembering the time, exhaustion and discomfort of training 2007 that made it difficult for me to commit to this year's marathon.

Oh, and speaking of the marathon and all the training (about 20 weeks I'd say) that is required for the average human being that does not possess any super-human genes, MTN, the organiser, finally got around to promoting the event and announcing the new route. And in the announcement, Mr. Isaac Nsereko, chief marketing officer for MTN said:

“Our vision is to make it the best and most organised event in Africa and that is why we are coming up with so many changes."

Too late. Take a tip from your fellow marathon organisers (like the Two Oceans Marathon in South Africa) and get the date of the event out there well in advance. 22nd November has been sprinkled in a few newspaper articles and other reports since mid-August, but nothing ever seemed like an official announcement to the general public. Plus, the marathon's website has not been updated to include information on this year's event. In 2007, the date of the MTN Kampala Marathon was available several months in advance. I remember it being announce some time in July.

Registration has only been open for about one week, and MTN is already reporting over 6000 entrants. That's pretty amazing, I'd say.

See you in the corral.