Sunday, August 17, 2008

Street(side)s of Gold

Driving to Wewahitcka, Florida to have Sunday lunch with my brother, Larry, I passed by a scene that made me smile and feel happy for the day.  It reminded me of one afternoon in Boston when someone set up a bubble machine in a second-story window and filled the sidewalk on which I was walking with thousands of bubbles.  It's amazing how sometimes it doesn't take much to make one's day.  Sometimes, it's just planting your roadside field with peanuts that will bloom at the end of summer and will put a smile on the face of someone traveling to Wewahitchka, Florida to have lunch with his brother.

Doesn't it kind of remind you of the poppy field scene (although the flowers are not poppies nor are they red) from the Wizard of Oz?  Poppies will put them to sleep...

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I was googling some random topic yesterday, actually I think I was trying to figure out how to convert dvds to a format I could put on my new iPod, and this is the picture I found on the Google search page—you know how they are quirky and like to decorate on special occasions.

Ok, maybe I’m reading too much into this and making a big deal of an insignificant situation (like the whole McDonald’s fiasco, which, by the way, is still on; they called me again today), but I cannot help but think they are implying that the young women who do rhythmic gymnastics are cows. Gymnastics is a brutal sport full of criticism and insecurities (Have you noticed all the girls crying after executing beautiful routines?). How are those already delicate artistic athletes going to take the awkward beast in a leotard?

On a sweeter note, it’s my mom’s husband’s birthday is today. The last time I went to visit my mother and attempted to enter their home, I was blocked in the laundry room by her man. Well, when my sister invited me to go over to visit my mother and her husband, I declined, not wanting any awkwardness. However, I am a giver, so I made him cupcakes. I love cupcakes, and I’ve not made them in a while. Plus, I thought it would be good practice for the Black Pussy.

I mixed different icing colors to create the final products, a blue and a neon orange. I think the color choice was perfect for chocolate cupcakes. However, I need to improve the icing flavor. For the average taster, the icing would be ok, but I’m very picky with flavors, and it didn’t satisfy me today.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

On the Green

The things that go through one’s head while he is riding public transportation + the things that go through his friend’s head while she is riding beside him during the evening transit from library to supermarket to house = Black Pussy, a children’s bookstore with a cupcake bakery attached. 

Just wait.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I’ve had a fantastic trip to Boston.  Since mid-July I’ve been out of Uganda and in the States visiting family and friends.  The first three weeks were spent in Florida:  enjoying the heat, visiting my family, catching up with old friends, eating too much mouth-watering Southern cookin’ and loving the beach.  Too much of a good thing!  I needed a holiday from my holiday, so on an impulsive Sunday evening, I booked a ticket to Boston. 

I’d not seen my friend Beth (BMac) since our Peace Corps days… 4 years ago!  She’s a librarian and she’s killed a goat with her bare hands, so yeah, she’s hardcore.  I <3 her, and we had an amazing 3 days together.  I’d never been to Boston before, and being the patriotic American that I am (and often accused of not being), I was excited to walk the Freedom Trail.  It’s amazing how many Starbuck’s Coffee shops there are along that red path. 

Other highlights of my holiday within a holiday included:

  • meeting Timothy Chlamydia Hatcher, my almost namesake;

  • seeing Mamma Mia with the person I’d most want to see it with in the whole-wide world;

  • and replacing my dead iBook (RIP) with a new MacBook, plus getting a free iPod Touch…  Yay teachers!

I was also introduced to the website:  go fug yourself (  It’s fabulously written by Alexis Carrington (aka Heather) and Brenda Walsh (aka Jessica). 


On the down side, Beth and I had burritos yesterday before going to see Mamma Mia at a place called Fajitas & ’Ritas.

The Margaritas were quite nice, but, come on, what kind of glass is this?