Monday, March 12, 2007

No Caterpillars


in the Swimming


Yesterday was a great day. I spent the entire morning cleaning house and washing bedsheets and clothes. To you, that might not sound like much, but I think it's swell. I love walking barefoot on a freshly mopped floor and the clean scent of bedsheets that have dried in the sun. Cleaning house always brings me joy. Maybe it is quickly visible results of my efforts that bring great satisfaction, and reducing the clutter around seems to exponentially reduce my stress.

After a quick lunch, I called up two of my closest friends for an afternoon at the swimming pool. (Did I mention I'm on a health kick these day? Inspired by Fergie: I be up in the gym just workin' on my fitness. I, too, ain't sleazy.) It was perfect pool weather: hot sun and blue skies. There was a new pool on the other side of town that I was convinced I needed to check out, and by the time we arrived there, our group had grown from three to five members. The place was packed with families. This squashed my hope of swimming laps, but it was a great time, nonetheless. It was beautiful to be at the pool on such a beautiful day with all the beautiful families and friends having a lovely time. I felt a happy energy I have not felt in a while.

I was so great being at the pool with good fiends. Ugandans, like most people anywhere that swim, are much less modest when swimming, and the suits that most people were wearing exposed A LOT; there was very little left over for the imagination. One guy could've left his tight, little Speedo at home. I think it was two sizes too small, and everything was hanging out throughout the afternoon. He'd pull up the back to cover his ass, and the front would come down to expose his prize. Then he'd pull up the front only to show his crack. One of my friends was wearing a little spandex number, and when it was wet, it really hugged and prominently displayed what he had to offer. Another friend commented on this. Apparently one of the soft words used is Uganda to talk about the penis is caterpillar because that is what he called it in their local language. I did not understand it, so it had to be translated for me. He jokingly said to our well-endowed friend that caterpillars were not allowed in the pool. The pool attendants might come and ask us to leave; other swimmers might get scared.

We left the pool sometime after 6:00pm, went to a friend's house and watched Steel Magnolias. I've been quoting Oiuser a lot lately: I've been a bad mood for 40 years. The power went out when we were about to find out that Shelby had been drivin' nails in her arm. Uganda: gotta love it!

Good times with good friends are what weekends are all about. We pledged to make pool visits together a regular weekend occurrence. I know how well my pledges for regularity normally work out, but I'm hoping for a change.

Hot fun in the summertime!


Nicole Ashley said...

Ahhhh, swimming. I have dreams of getting a pool for my backyard this summer. Nothing big, just a nice place to hang out on hot summer days in West Texas. Incidentally I also spent yesterday cleaning house and I know exactly what you mean about it bringing joy and reducing stress. I have always felt that my house/room is a true indicator of the state of my mind. The messier my room gets, the more stressed out and busy my head gets. I am happy to say for the past few months both have been fairly neat and tidy.

Sean said...

I too loves too but its quiet filthy....unfortunately, the pool cleaner for my pool has broken. It's an older model Polaris.I am about to purchase the new one from aquabot later next month but as of now I was wondering, does anyone have any insight on new pool sweeps?