Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Lump

Awkward moment of the week: I was leaving my residence the other day to go running wearing my gray Champion shorts. They are made of light-weight, synthetic material that is loose and lays against my body, extremely comfortable, great for running. So I was walking down the steps of my flat into the parking lot, the wind was blowing a little, and a man walking by looked up in my face and ask, "Do you always walk with your 'batoon'?" I wasn't quite sure what he said, so I asked, "What?"

"Your 'batoon', do you always walk around with your 'batoon'?"

I got it that time; I've seen the Red Pepper enough times to understand his word choice. I was caught off-guard and taken aback by his question, and it was not one of those days where witty counter-comments, such as, "Of course, I never know when I'll need it," came easily, so I did something quite lame like make a sarcastic laughing sound and kept on walking.

Thanks for noticin' me.


The 27th Comrade said...

Ah, shameless self-promo, eh? ;o)

That was a fine rejoinder, there.

Iwaya said...

it's only a lump?!? :)

Baz said...

be careful of men who hang around parking lots checking out batoons...

Kitara said...

Batoon? Sorry, sightly baffled by that. I haven't started my blog yet in case you're wondering. too busy with work.


contraband said...

ROTFLMAO! A kodak moment, that. I'm with Baz. What's with weird little men trying to make an appointment with your batoon?