Thursday, July 07, 2011

I Will Sing=California King Bed. Credit Given?

I Will Sing=California King Bed.
Credit Given?

In case you missed the interview/conversation with Maurice Kirya on Sanyu FM yesterday, I've got to share with you this interesting tidbit.

First listen to the acoustic guitar intro to Maruice's song, I Will Sing, from his album Misubbaawa, released 14th December 2009.

Now have a listen to the acoustic guitar intro to Rihanna's California King Bed, from her album Loud, released 12th November 2010, almost a year later.

Coincidence? Hmmm...

But where would The Runners, Priscilla Renae and Alex Delicata, the 'writers' of California King Bed, have had the opportunity to hear Maurice's music before penning the song for Rihanna? Have you heard of iTunes, where his album Misubbaawa is available for purchase? Or the SXSW music festival in Austin, Texas, where Maurice performed in March of 2010?

Someone is getting paid for that music. California King Bed is not just the sixth single from Loud, but it is also being featured in Nivea's '100 Years of Skin Care' add campaign.

Like I said, someone is getting paid for that music; let's hope our friend, Maurice, is getting a cut.


Michael Kirkpatrick said...

Brilliant observation. This may be a smoking gun of "western" theft from an amazing African musician. I'm going to spread this posting on Facebook and Twitter.

Joyce said...

Maurice is not just an African artist,he is an international figure ,difference is that the music type differs ,so it happens maybe once in a while as they listen to the rfi tours artist's songs they get the tune ,but at the same time may be it is just a coincidence