Monday, March 24, 2008

Break the Ice
It's been a while.
I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting.
But I'm here now.

Quite a while has gone by.

Change of venue... I'm in Bangkok. I spent an amazing four days in Nairobi (aka: my new favorite city in the world) with some truly FABULOUS people and had the most fantastic Easter weekend of my life. THANKS GUYS!!!

Now I'm off to see Barbarah: Goddess of Gorgeous in Hanoi. I'm stopping over in Bangkok to wait on my visa.

Randomly, on this trip I've run into friends I'd not seen in a while: Nancy at the Nairobi airport and Sheila at a shopping mall in Nairobi.

Some random thoughts:

  • The beautiful people of Ethiopia do not hand out at the airport... Woof!
  • I never want to be burned alive.
  • Kidneys really don't taste that bad.

1 comment:

The 27th Comrade said...

Yeah, been long.
Nobody recovers from Kampala.
You'll be back.