Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No Honeymoon

One of the luxuries of staying in a some-what nice hotel is MTV all night long to keep me company while I fail to sleep. Not owning a television=no music videos for me. Being a self-diagnosed tv addict I thought that cold-turkey was the best way to break the habit, so when as asshole lifted my set in February 2007, I decided to not replace it. I'm good... Thanks.

Ok, so I knew that Fall Out Boy were in Uganda several months ago because word got around that Ashlee Simpson was in Kampala with her boyfriend, Peter Wentz. Coincidentally, Natalie Portman was also in Uganda the same time doing something with some micro-finance something... Anyway, FOB were going to Gulu to film a music video. I finally saw that video today. It's a pretty little love story with a tragic ending. The children who play the two lead characters are beautiful.

The plot of the video was very innocent and sweet, if not quite unrealistic. Issue? Let me tell you a personal experience from my time working at a primary school in Hoima. I was in the headteacher's office at the school when several young girls rushed into his office. One of the girls was in tears and the others were outraged. The problem: a boy had written her a love letter. The result was the boy was chased away from the school and his parents were called in for a meeting. Serious stuff...

Ok, let me stop. The video did make me smile and miss being in Uganda.

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