Monday, June 29, 2009

Mauritian Wine

I've just arrived home from a 13-hour work day.  For crying out loud:  I'm a school teacher. Who does that?  Ok, some of you new, first-years might claim that feat, but I've been at this for a while.  Yuck!  Well, you might say that I signed up for it, that I volunteer to be on the board of governors.  Yes, it's true.  But I did not sign up for management meetings and board meetings on the same night.  

So how was my day?  Let me rate it on a scale from Mauritain wine to bacon.  Definitely Mauritian wine.

On a lighter, more positive note, I'm going through another Elle Woods phase.  Legally Blonde is my New Year's inspirational movie that I must watch on, well, New Year's Day.  It's kind of like blacked-eyed peas (not the music group, note:  no capital letters); they bring me luck and set the tone for the year.  But I sometimes need the perkiness and sticktoitiveness of our blonde heroine to inspire me and keep me (or put me back) on track.  This particular phase was triggered by the soundtrack to the now-closed Broadway musical version.  Right now, I need to be positive, keep it positive, and get whipped into shape.  Omigod you guys!  I don't want to be overly negative or slap her to the floor, but I do some days fantasize of running away to, perhaps, Ireland.  Ok, that's enough Legally Blonde association.  The soundtrack is good stuff. And I will not be defeated.  

I'm just plowing through Wednesday, then I'll be home free... I hope.  I plan to do a bit of coasting after that.  And, no, I'm not getting lazy.  Believe me, I've earned that privilege. Remember:  Mauritian wine.

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