Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Experience

The Experience

Tonight I went to Rouge for the Maurice Kirya Experience.  The Maurice Kirya Experience takes place every last Tuesday of the month and has been taking place for over a year; however, this was the first time that I took to opportunity to attend.  What did I think?  Honestly?  Well, I love Maurice.  I've seen him perform in the past, and I've always left impressed.  Overall, I think the Experience is a great way to spend a Tuesday night.  Maurice describes his music as 'fusion soul', and I think that is a very appropriate description.  He sings in five languages and blends together various styles.  My favourite song is one he sings in Luganda.  I wish I knew more Luganda  so I could tell you more about the song.  Tonight, he performed a song in English that reminded me of Positive K's I've Got a Man.  It was a great song, and the way he delivered it, with so much theatrics, was fun.  

I was not so interested in the other acts.  There was this one guy with really bad hair, but he was very entertaining on the guitar.  But he went a bit too far with his whole pulling a keyboard down, banking a cacophony on it and then throwing it on the floor.  This guy, -ozi-something had a decent voice, but he just didn't do it for me.  I thought the live backing band was GREAT.  

It was nice to go to Rouge.  I ran into  several old friends--people I'd not seen in almost a year.  I've only been to Rouge a hand full of times, but tonight was a great night to be there.  The Maurice Kirya Experience is worth catching.   See you there in July!

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Michael Kirkpatrick said...

Maurice Kirya recently released his debut album “Misubbaawa”. His music is an uncommon blend of soul, Afro, and R&B that is influenced by the beauty and unique spirit of Uganda, his homeland. He was the 2007 Best R&B Artist winner of the Pearl of Africa Music Awards in Uganda and nominated at the Kisima Awards in Kenya.

Maurice also runs a monthly show in Kampala, Uganda titled “The Maurice Kirya Experience” which showcases live acts from East Africa and other parts of the world. The show has been credited for boosting the live music scene in Uganda. The show exposes established and non established live musicians and poets on a professional stage.

Maurice recently made his first American concert performance at the prestigious South by Southwest (SXSW) Music Festival in Austin, Texas USA. He will be featured on the television program “Soundtracks @ Red Kiva” on The Africa Channel.

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