Thursday, April 26, 2007

But I turned


Amazingly, I'm still on my fitness kick. I've kept up a fairly regular running routine for the past few months. I'm averaging 10K a day, taking one or two days off a week. I miss it when I cannot run. Maybe I am finally getting addicted to something. Today was suppose to be an off, but I've been convinced by my friend, Kat, to go for a short run this afternoon.

After he who will not be named walked off with my previous iPod Shuffle, the music player I loved because I could plug it directly into a USB port, I placed an order for one of the new ones. My friend Kristina brought it to Uganda for me a couple of months ago. It's orange, and engraved on the back is one of my favorite quotes (by the way if from the film Flashdance): If you give up your dream, you die. It's from one of the many melodramatic moments in the movie; nevertheless, it motivates me. Keepin' it real. While I was out for a run the other day, Deborah Cox's amazing hit from 1998, Nobody's Suppose to Be Here(remix) came on. The original song spent fourteen weeks at #1 on the top R&B 100 charts for the USA, as well as eight consecutive weeks at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. I loved it, and the remix is one of the best dance songs to come out, ever. I love Deb's, "No, no, na, no, nobody's," towards the end of the song. If you do not own a version of this song or, even worse, have never heard it, go to iTunes or somewhere and download it today, you won't regret it. Everytime I hear this song, I see images of warm up for Women's basketball games at FSU. Good times.

I've playfully called 2007 the year for no love for me. Maybe I should also give it the moniker: The year I get my body ready for givin' some good, good lovin'. Physically, I feel so good. It is emotionally that I sometimes feel unhealthy and wonder if I should seek some kind of treatment.

I placed my heart under lock and key
to take some time and take care of me.


kelly said...

Oh my god I so love that Deborah Cox song, I used to listen to it on repeat when it first came out! She sings so high!

And now I am psyched to check out your links!

Anonymous said...

You should bury your head in the sand for owning Spice world. If it makes you feel any better I have a copy of last friday; you know the one with ice cube. I have never seen such a pile of crap in my life. I should have taken it back and got my £1.50p refund.