Monday, April 30, 2007


Destiny’s Child summed up my current feelings quite well when they sang, “When I first met you, you were cool, but it was game; you had me fooled.”

I’m fairly new to Kampala, here since July 2006. The dearest friends I made while in Uganda before have either left the country or are in Hoima District, which is about 3 hours away. I’m a pretty friendly person (this point might be arguable), and I enjoy the company of other people. I don’t want to pass up an opportunity to make a new friend. If we hit it off, then we’ll hang out. I can meet you today, and if you invite me to go out on the weekend, I’ll be there. No problem. However, I’m learning that there are some people out there that I’d be better off no knowing. After one fun night at Steak Out or Mateo’s, don’t start sending me text messages telling me we are now best friends. You don’t know me! I don’t know you! Aren’t we past the age of BFFs? We went out; we had fun. We could’ve continued with more fun nights out, but a person’s creepy, possessive actions can take me to the point where I don’t want to see that person again. Since I’ve begun stating the don’t dos for a successful friendship with me, let me make a list:

1) Don’t start sending me text messages after that first evening out telling me we are now best friends.
2) Don’t show up at my door at 7:00am just to say hello when you don’t live in my neighborhood.
3) Don’t continually send me text messages with pointless questions to be answered.
4) Don’t call me at random hours of the night asking to come over.
5) Don’t call me or text me with emergencies that turn out to be false to get me to call you or for you to come over to my place.
6) Don’t come to my house with gifts to prove how great a friend you are.
7) Don’t lie to me about situations in your life to gain my sympathy.
8) Don’t be rude to my other friends when you run into us while out.
9) Don’t show up at my door only seconds after I get home in the evening.
10) Don’t begin conversations with me by asking about people you’ve seen leaving my flat.

Destiny’s Child also sang, “No. No. No.”

This kind of behavior kind of freaks me out and makes me question a person's motives. Some of these actions are on the verge of stalking. I’m not at the point of feeling unsafe. I just feel quite annoyed, bugged, if you will.

You need to chill out with that mess
‘Cause you can’t keep havin’ me stressed.
‘Cause every time my phone rings
It seems to be you
And I’m prayin’ that it is someone else.

You a bugaboo, a bugaboo.

You buggin’ what? You buggin who? You buggin me. And don’t you see it ain’t cool?


The 27th Comrade said...

Hmm ... God knows I am spending brain cells, smoking through the ears, trying to figure out who that is ... because I assume this should have started at the BHH ... :oD

Robert said...

Wow! u really have some good friends! Enjoy the gift of is rare!And I really love your do's and don'ts of friendship.

Tandra said...

Man, i laughed all the way through. Still have tears in me eyes!! Those are things that make people feel "human" and "friendly". You either get over yourself or don't hang! U cant help it if u attract the "wrong people"!! LOL