Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Not disappointed

I went to see Dream Girls last week (I orginally wrote, "yesterday", but I've not had internet access in a while.) at the Cineplex (Yes, it just got here.), and I must admit that I’ve jumped on the Jennifer Hudson bandwagon. Wow! What a performance! The girl can sing. Not only that: she can act. I was touched by her portrayal of Effie. She made me laugh; she made me cry; she made me want to jump up and cheer. Then, she made me want to do it all over again. I guess one of the few things Jennifer does not do well is move gracefully. Maybe she was acting, and it was her character, but during the performance sequences, she stomped around and it looked to me like she was about to fall of her heels.

I was only moderately interested in seeing this film based on the 1981 Broadway musical which is inspired by the story of the Supremes and other legends of R&B until the buzz about Hudson’s performance, and then I read that she was an American Idol reject. (God help the outcasts.) I had to see the film after that. Besides, not too many good films make it to Kampala. Not too many films make it to Kampala (period). For the longest time there were only two screens. Now there are four!

I went to the 11:00am show of Dream Girls and had a private screening. For some reason, I thought there was someone else in the theater with me with whom I was sharing the experience. I knew that after the show we’d turn to each other, look into each other’s eyes, give a knowing smile, and we’d just get it. When the lights came on, I was alone in the theater.

I’ll be dreamin’

Why isn’t V in any films lately?

I really used to love her.

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