Monday, August 11, 2008


I’ve had a fantastic trip to Boston.  Since mid-July I’ve been out of Uganda and in the States visiting family and friends.  The first three weeks were spent in Florida:  enjoying the heat, visiting my family, catching up with old friends, eating too much mouth-watering Southern cookin’ and loving the beach.  Too much of a good thing!  I needed a holiday from my holiday, so on an impulsive Sunday evening, I booked a ticket to Boston. 

I’d not seen my friend Beth (BMac) since our Peace Corps days… 4 years ago!  She’s a librarian and she’s killed a goat with her bare hands, so yeah, she’s hardcore.  I <3 her, and we had an amazing 3 days together.  I’d never been to Boston before, and being the patriotic American that I am (and often accused of not being), I was excited to walk the Freedom Trail.  It’s amazing how many Starbuck’s Coffee shops there are along that red path. 

Other highlights of my holiday within a holiday included:

  • meeting Timothy Chlamydia Hatcher, my almost namesake;

  • seeing Mamma Mia with the person I’d most want to see it with in the whole-wide world;

  • and replacing my dead iBook (RIP) with a new MacBook, plus getting a free iPod Touch…  Yay teachers!

I was also introduced to the website:  go fug yourself (  It’s fabulously written by Alexis Carrington (aka Heather) and Brenda Walsh (aka Jessica). 


On the down side, Beth and I had burritos yesterday before going to see Mamma Mia at a place called Fajitas & ’Ritas.

The Margaritas were quite nice, but, come on, what kind of glass is this? 

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