Sunday, December 28, 2008

With a Roar!

Well, well, well...

I just got back from an amazing holiday retreat to Queen Elizabeth National Park in Western Uganda.  It was Am-maz-ing.  A big thank you to Rowena, her family, Olavi and the folks at Savannah Resort Hotel in Kayunga District.  It was such a wonderful Christmas holiday experience.  I finally made it to the national park after almost six years in Uganda.  I finally saw lions, elephants and hippos in the wild.  

The ride home from Mweya was almost as eventful as the formal game drive.  A buffalo jumped into the road in front of us on our journey home.  I braced myself for collision, convinced we were going to ram it.  Thanks to our skillful driver, Johnny, we literally only skimmed its tail.  We also saw ever-elusive hyenas and three male lions crossing the road.  An elephant in the middle of the road, surprised by our vehicle, unhappily rushed off the road.  The Isuzu Trooper we were travelling in chose that inopportune time to stall and the agitated elephant took the opportunity to trumpet and charge.  Our vehicle, fortunately, started again and we left the elephant chas

The following day, we found the three male lions from the night before lounging on a nearby bridge.

They were not bothered at all by all the vehicles that came with excited tourists taking photos.  We got some amazing close-up shots!

It was fabulous to spend the Christmas holiday with a wonderful family.  Being so far away from home during the holiday season is never easy, and it seems to get more difficult as the years pass by.  I've not been home for Christmas for eight years now.  I try to make it home once a year, usuall
y in the summer, but it's never the same as being home and with family during the festive season.  I am always very thankful to be invited to spend Christmas with beautiful people I meet along the way.  When you are so far away from home, your friends become your family.  In many circumstances, friendship is thicker than blood.

I made it home yesterday only to find that I'd left the key to my flat in the cottage I was staying in Kihihi, Kayunga.  Once again, I'm so thankful for friends.  In mean time, as I waited for a spare 
key to arrive, I was able to watch Miss Venezuela win the Miss Universe Pageant in Vietnam.

I am not in love with one particular person right not; I'm in love with many.  One of the people I am most in love with right now is Rowena.

Thanks so much for the fabulous time!!!  
It was like a honeymoon.

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