Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Not Ready for Prime Time

Not Ready for Prime Time

So I'm not able to catch the season premier of Glee tonight on FOX.
I guess I'll survive. There's plenty of entertainment around these parts... especially in the newspapers. I often point out stories from the New Vision, Uganda's leading daily (for reasons that might include but are not limited to writing "curved" instead of "carved"). But not today. I'm going to the "independent" Monitor newspaper.

Monday's headline:

Now that's what I call entertainment!

Do you remember that episode towards the end of season two of Veronica Mars when Veronica visits Hearst college and Maeby Fünke gets her head shaved; it's the same one where Maeby's cousin, Michael Cera, is Veronica's orientation leader and that X-Man-drug-dealer boy shows up again. Well, in this episode, Michael Cera leads his group of future freshmen in a game of two truths and a lie. That game is what reading this article made me think of. Fun!

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