Tuesday, September 08, 2009



I'm the first to point out that I have delusional tendencies. I love to pretend that I reign supreme--just ask anyone who has the privilege of working under my supervision. Yes, in my world, I'm pretty damn important. It's my way or the highway.

My delusional world is not a lonely one; it is full of most of the landlords in Kampala. Have you tried to rent property lately? There just seems to be too many place values utilised with the rents of too many properties around town. True, I'm no real estate expert, but I'm not completely unfortunate when it comes to intelligence.

I mean, I was handed promotional material for a new rental property located in the city yesterday. This is what they advertised:

The photo is quite misleading. The place is not that spacious with two pools. It's the same building, just two views with the photos joined together. I actually had a chance to explore one of the units. Three words: tiny and cheap. I won't go into much detail about the workmanship, including the haphazard placement of the moulding in the bathroom I saw or the chipped cheap tiles.

They also claim:
Did you notice the word 'free' on this list. Free? The tenant is paying over $2000 a month for a shoebox. They have paid for that damn wireless internet... and then some. But I guess that says it all. The tenants have paid. And they are still paying; they're moving in and they're not moving away. There's a fool born everyday, and there is someone out there to profit from that. Is that wrong? I guess deep down, I really think it is.

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