Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sh*t Hitting Fan

Sh*t Hitting Fan

I'm somehow fine in my world (behind a steel door, four concrete walls on the second floor in relatively privileged neighbourhood, and all of my delusions), but all is not fine in the world of others. Here are few Facebook status updates from friends around Kampala over the last few hours:

  • I wonder why 7,000 banyala could b da cause of so much contention. Dis violence has even extended up to rural ntinda! Intrigue drama,scandal or madness.these r terible times.
  • Just watching news, didn't realise how bad the riots were.
  • Riots in Kampala?!! Police stations burned and people dead in the streets... What do the Baganda want to achieve-they're own sovereign state???
  • Kampala is on fire. Riots and tear gas and burning cars. I'm safe.
  • is caught up in fighting that he has no role in. Bullets, roadblocks, bonfires, traffic n army soldiers everywhere. I miss home right now.
  • Teflon vest anyone..? ;-P this gunfire just won't let up.... it's official am concerned for my safety...and urs...
  • the sound of gunfire outside my window kinda bothers me... hope u guyz r safe.

Suburbia has it's benefits; however, from the sounds of the reports, it sounds like the chaos is spreading out of the city center.

What's the cause of the vandalism, destructions and killings? Well, like most things in this world, it's complicated. You can read about the goings-on and causes by checking out these links.

Personally, I believe people's frustrations run deeper than the Buganda-Central Government issues. A friend of mine who is at Makerere University (and not of the ethnic group mentioned in the above news reports) sent me a message and told me students (not all of the ethnic group mentioned in the above news reports) were planning to get involved in the ruckus in protest over the recent increase in tuition. I think there are many people who are frustrated for just as many reasons. There are many straws on this proverbial camel's back. One finally broke it and all hell seems to be breaking loose... in some areas... not yet in Bugolobi. We're happy and secure in Bugolobi. Shangri-La. Right?

Because I'm a bit of a chicken sh*t, and almost always overly cautious, I did not go for a run this evening. I took the opportunity to plan my marathon training. That's right, I'm making the commitment to the 42km. I did it two years ago, so I know exactly what I'm getting myself into. That's what's scaring the sh*t out of me. Below is the running schedule I decided I'm going to follow.
I just thought I'd share it with you because I'm going to need a lot of encouragement to motivate me to train. And I've got to train.

Enough about my trivial challenges. My heart goes out to all those who are facing a much more serious challenge around Kampala at this moment.

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