Saturday, June 18, 2011

No Mistaking

No Mistaking

There's no mistaking that Ms. Spears is on top and she's hot, bitch.

(My new motivation for working on the abs!)

If Rolling Stone says so then, I'm going to accept it as the Bible truth; it's been my holy book for over 20 years now. And since I will not be in the US this summer, thus, missing Brit Brit's tour, I'm just going to have to take their word for it. I loved it when they compared Britney to Bob Dylan, next they said that Blackout was "possibly the most influential pop album in the last five years," and then there was the recent review that referred to Britney as avant garde. Oh, Rolling Stone, now I'm blushing.

But you don't have to simply take mine nor Rolling Stone's word for it. YouTube is on fire with footage of Britney's recent Femme Fatale tour launch in Sacramento, California.

Besides using up the GBs of my internet subscription today viewing Britney concert footage, I attended the school's swimming gala at Royal Suites. You could not have asked for sunnier weather. However, when the event was over, and the children left, almost instantaneously, the weather turned.

Betty, William and I were stuck under the shelter of the pool bar. Luckily, Uganda's champion barista, Mark Okuta, is employed by Royal Suites and provided us with hot beverages as we waited out the cold winds and torrential rains of the storm.

And then there was boda-boda polo. I couldn't make it this morning due to the gala, but I cannot fail to acknowledge the battling beauties who took to the field.

Now that's what I call super sexy!

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