Wednesday, February 07, 2007


5th grade was so simple. Bon Jovi played our anthems. We did not get the meanings exactly, but just knowing the words to the songs improved our social ranking.

1986 was the year I first developed my crush on Erin. My heart was broken; she fell for my brother, then my brother's friend. Erin and I remained good friends throughout our teens.

Twenty-one years later: My heart has once again been broken, and I'm trying to move on. There is a new crush. I hope this one is as much fun as 1986. I feel like a 10-year-old boy again.

Where's Erin?
I'd love to chat

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R A I N A said...

Little Shop of Horrors? It's shocking anyone remembers that movie. It was one of my favorites too!

198? Don't forget Janet Jackson and Cindy Lauper. And who can forget Genesis. That list can go on! You're right life was really good way back then.

Don't worry your heart will heal again. It allways do! You'll get her attention.