Wednesday, February 28, 2007

So, I’m writing this entry form a room in a residence hall at Makerere Univeristy, Uganda’s largest and most well-know institute of higher education. It’s 9:00pm. I should be home by now, but it’s raining and really cold out. Yes, it is cold out.

I was supposed to meet one of the kids I sponsor for secondary school and discuss his educational future. Secondary education is not free in Uganda. Access to quality education is not easy in Uganda, but it is especially complicated when you are from a rural village, your relatives are poor, and you are an orphan. I’ve been assisting Geoffrey for over four years now. He just completed his ‘O’ level, and he wants to continue with his ‘A’ level. As I was saying, I was supposed to meet him in town, near the university campus, but he did not show up, and I could not reach him by phone.

When my meeting did not take place, I called my friend, Tinka, and he took me over to the university campus where they are having some kind of bazaar. I’ve been on the Makerere campus a few times, but never at night and never to a student function. I was pleasantly surprised at how much it resembled any student function on every other university campuse I’ve visited. Of course, there were Ugandan twists (stands with roasted goat’s meat and others selling hair extensions), but it was like I’d walked back into my days at the university. I LOVE UNIVERSITY LIFE. I look forward to being a student again just to be on a campus and feel the energy that thrives in such an environment. When will that day be? Who knows?

Who knows?


R A I N A said...

Don't worry, you'll go back one day! :)

Nicole Ashley said...

I too love university life. I can't wait to go back, hopefully in the Fall. There's just somethning about the atmosphere of youth and the pursuit of education. I would love to become a college professor someday and be surronded by that all the time