Monday, August 20, 2007

Let Me…

Entertain You!

You know how I’m into strippers, right?

• The first profession I ever wanted was that of a stripper.
• I think Flashdance is one of the best inspirational films ever made. In fact, I had a quote from the film engraved on the back of my iPod.
• The book I’m currently highly recommending (see sidebar) is Strip Tease by Carl Hiassen (still have to see the Demi Moore film).
• I used to reenact scenes from Gypsy for my mother (strangely, being an otherwise very conservative woman, she encouraged this) in the living room.
• I’m still a huge Britney Spears fan.

My latest stripper crush/infatuation is Ali Larter as Las Vegas-internet stripper, Niki Sanders, in the great new television series, Heroes.

To me, Ali is best known for her role as Brooke Taylor Windham in the motion picture, Legally Blonde, but you might also remember her from the films Final Destination or Varsity Blues. During the commentary reel on the Legally Blonde dvd, Reese Witherspoon refers to Ali as “phenomenal” and “gorgeous”. Reese also comments, “It wasn’t hard, like, having to, you know, moon over her, you know, be all starry-eyed ‘cause she’s so beautiful… She smiles and it’s just like a tooth paste commercial. I was,like, stunned. I couldn’t stop looking at her.”

I just finished watching the first half of season one of Heroes, and Ali’s character is my favorite. I love how she is able to switch back and for between the concerned-mother stripper, and the hard, super-strong psycho bitch, Jessica. Both of the personalities are flawed, but there is a strength in both that is intriguing. Yeah, Ali’s also beautiful, but her character is so complex and she plays her so well. I sometimes lose interest in the other story lines and anticipate a return to Niki & co.

Stripper poles… There are just not enough stripper poles.

I wonder how my landlady would react if I had one installed my bedroom?

Pick up your apples girls and back to the trees!
Bon soir, monsieur et monsieur!
Je m'appelle Gypsy Rose Lee.
And that concludes my entire performance in French...
I've been too busy learning Greek!
Where were you last night?
Some men accused me of being an ecdysiast.
Do you know what that means? Do you?
Do you? Oh, you do!
Aha! He's embarrassed!
Don't be embarrassed... I like a man without hair!
An ecdysiast is one who or that which
sheds its skin... in vulgar paroles: a stripper
But I'm not a stripper!
At these prices I'm an ecdysiast!
And if you're real good,
I'll make you feel good.
I want you spirit to climb...
Let me entertain you
and well have a real good time, yes, sir!
We'll have...
A real good time!

What a feeling!


The 27th Comrade said...

Hey, nice stripper at the top! :o)
You know, that is usually as far as I feel safe going with skin snaps. No extremity, no guys in the photo, no hush-hush places showing ... just good ol' seductiveness. The amount you get from a skimpily-dressed chic. Why is there anything else, in the first place?

Wait, now. Are you doing French and Greek?

Timothy said...

I love it that it looks like she's wearing men's underpants. Why do I find that hot?