Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've felt like a train wreck this weekend... so exhausted.  It is one of the few weekends that all I have wanted to do is sleep, and I've done lots of it.  I really over did it at the gym yesterday, from there, I made an appearance at a friend's child's birthday, and from there it was home to SLEEP.  But I find it difficult to sleep during the day, so it was like on and off.  Last night was supposed to be the newly started practice of classic-movie night at Lynne's.  (Well, classic-movie night was supposed to be on Friday because it is scheduled for the third Friday of the month, but complications forced postponement.)  Ok, I shouldn't say supposed to be because it was.  We watch Breakfast at Tiffany's--one of my all-time favourites.  Problem:  we all fell asleep during the movie.  It think it had been a hell of a day for all of us, and settling down for the film (which has a great story but is not flashy or as fast paced as films are today) triggered sleep for each of us.  (I propose we more the time of our movie nights forward.)

I stayed the night at Lynne's but set off before 6:30 to try and get a good run in this morning.  I should've listened to my body and taken a day off.  I had to quit after about 5km.  I was just too tired.  My body had not recovered from Friday's run nor Saturday's gym workout.  I was totally pooped.  I went home and decided to watch 7 Pounds.  (I have it on my laptop even though it was just released.  It's actually a really clear bootleg.  I know, bootleg:  bad, but my access to good films, legitimately shown in a theatre, is very limited.  Believe me, I much prefer seeing films at the cinema rather than watching them on my laptop.  I do what I can.)  It was ok.  Will Smith has really grown as an actor and was fantastic.  I know the role took a lot out of him; it could not have been an easy one to play.  I think Rosario Dawson is just amazing.  The camera loves this woman and she just brings a touch magic to the screen.  She has that it quality.  But I just felt no chemistry between Smith and Dawson.  Two beautiful people on the screen, and... nothing.  I just didn't feel it.  Perhaps it was the darkness and depressing nature of the film that overshadowed everything else.  I do think the film is worth seeing, as is this photo (neither dark nor depressing) of Rosario from a recent awards ceremony (I think.  Ok, I know the photos is from January, but I'm not sure which function she was attending.)

Who's my second-favourite Rosario?

Need you have even asked?

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