Sunday, January 04, 2009

So Much Better

Yesterday, I was in a funk. I referred to myself as the melancholy boy. I went to the gym for a two-hour work out with my trainer, Jeff. The release of endorphines is usually enough to snap me out of any semi-sadness. Didn't work. Thank goodness I have fabulous friends. They were having none of my attitude. I love them for it.

This morning, taking a page from Barbarah, Goddess of Gorgeous, I organised a 2-hour birthday run with friends followed by breakfast. The run was so fantastic. I love Kampala on Sunday mornings when people are still sleeping or have gone to church. There is little-to-no traffic to watch out for and I can just enjoy the city. I'd not done a Sunday run with a companion in quite a long time. Running is so much better when there are others around. We began in Bugolobi, went over Mbuya Hill, crossed Jinja Road and went up to Ntinda. From Ntinda, we went over to Bukoto, then down Lugogo Bypass, ran up Jinja Road and branched at Nakawa. We made the loop back to Bugolobi. Completing the run felt so great.

Sheila, Dan, Leo and I had my birthday breakfast at Café Ballet on Kyadondo Road, Nakasero. I've had lunch there a couple of times; they make great soups and salads, and the cappuccino is not bad either. Well, the breakfast did not disappoint. The four of us got number 3 on the breakfast menu, the one with beef fillet. The size of the portions were more than enough, plus they make fantastic home fries. The coffee and juice that are included with the breakfast were also excellent. It was an almost perfect meal. The beef fillet was a bit rare inst
ead of medium as ordered, but I forgive them for that. The wait staff were adaquately attentive and friendly. (For a more in depth review of Café Ballet check out The Eye.) Sheila treated us to a bottle of bubbly, and Mphanga made a surprise stop by. I love her. I was so great seeing her after her holiday in Zambia; she was absolutely radiant.

Changing topic, I blogged a few months ago about seeing Mamma Mia in Boston with my friend, Beth. Yes, I enjoyed the film. I even sent the DVD to my sister's family as a Christmas gift. (Isn't Amanda Seyfriend, surprisingly, quite a good singer?) As I perused last week's issue of Time Magazine today, I learned that Mamma Mia has bumped the 1997 smash, Titanic, out of the spot of top grossing movie int he UK. The Brits love themselves some ABBA. The film has been in theatrical release there for more than 23 weeks. The DVD also sold some 1.7 million copies on its first day of release in the UK.

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Nicole Ashley said...

Happy Late Birthday! It sounds like you have a good day. And on a side note...I LOVE Mamma Mia!! Colleen gave me the DVD for Christmas and she had to tell me what she was getting me to keep me from buying it myself before Christmas. I also thought Amanda Seyfried was excellent, but she will always be Lily Kane to me.