Monday, January 12, 2009

Sign O' the Times

So you know how I'm into Drew.  And I must say she was a vision in tulle a the Golden Globe awards... 

I concede that the hair was a brave choice--a bit high, perhaps channelling a hair hopper--but Drew has a way of rocking it, keeping it fun.  What I do find disturbing are the wrinkles around her eyes.  Those are more than smile creases.  Come on!  She's only 33.  So.  Am.  I.  After seeing this photo, I had to run to the mirror in the bathroom to check and make sure I was not in an equal situation.  Still safe. 

(Even with the wrinkles, she is still beautiful.  Look at that smile.)

In the end, it could be worse.
You could run, but judging from her track suit, she'd probably run after you, and with those legs, she'd catch up.

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