Sunday, January 23, 2011



Let's hope Adele's 21 album fairs better than another sophomore album (Ok, actually it was her third album, but it was only her second after gaining mainstream attention. If the Grammys can award best new artist awards to veteran artists using this justification, I can take a similar liberty on my blog) that emphasized the artist's age of 21 at the time:

Anyone remember the nasty braids Shanice was rockin' while promoting this album? Do you remember anything else about Shanice at that time? Any of the songs from this album?

I'm pretty sure Adele has as a better fate ahead of her. Check out this recent live performance of the lead single from 21, Rolling in the Deep.

I've not heard any of the other tracks from the album, but it is already receiving rave reviews from music critics in the UK. (I wish the same could be said for Duffy's sophomore album, Endlessly. I have it, and must say I agree with most critics. It's ok, with a few good songs, but not consistent.) Ian Wade of the BBC refers to 21 as "simply stunning" and "genuinely brilliant". MTV-UK say that Adele's 21 will be one of the essential albums of 2011 and give a track-by-track assessment of the album.

I'm waiting anxiously to add the album to my iTunes library. 19 is one of my current favourite albums. Perhaps the music of this Cockney Hannah Montana (nickname attributed to Alan Carr) will satiate my excitement for new albums of 2011 until Britney's new album comes out in March.

Speaking of Alan Carr, here is his hilarious interview with Adele. Highlight: her meeting Sarah Palin on the set of Saturday Night Live.

Beside obsess over Adele today, what did I do? Well, thanks for asking. I made goat stew. It turned out pretty well, I must say. I used this recipe from the food network, if you're interested.

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