Sunday, January 30, 2011



There are so many small things in this world that can bring us joy.

I had a fantastic run yesterday morning. It was only 13km, but I loved it and felt so well after. The breeze and cappuccino aroma on the outdoor terrace made the after-run breakfast of poached eggs and guacamole the perfect reward.

Facebook can be a very powerful marketing tool. As someone who can be very visually stimulated, photos of new works by artist friends on my computer screen when I log on can prove to be too much of a temptation to resist, especially when the art is fantastic. I convinced myself that I needed more beauty in my world (who doesn't?). Well, that itch was scratched around 2.00pm Sunday. This is what I brought home.

Really love it.

Sunday afternoon, even though it was a time of saying goodbye to a friend moving to Zimbabwe, provided a beautiful time to catch up with friends and get to know other quite remarkable people. Great food. Great people. Great conversation.

School was pretty damn good today as well; the maths activity I did with the year 6 class went over so well.

We thought it was going to rain this afternoon... but that would have been too perfect. Gotta leave some expectations for tomorrow.

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