Thursday, January 20, 2011



Having not blogged, in like, forever, I've just got to post something. Maybe the I'll find the inspiration/motivation to blog again. What happened? A million-dollar question. Life. I guess. Blogging and going to the gym: two things that, as long as done regularly, become habit; however, as soon as you get off of routine (sometimes even for just one day), it's over. And it's so hard to begin again.

A lot of wonderful things have been happening, and I've left them un-digitally-documented. They are all written in my shorthand in my diary (yes, I still kick it old school), but hardbound books do not facilitate keyword searches.

In summary,

two photos:


and one new dropped single

Love me some Brit.

2011 has begun pretty well.

I'll keep you posted... I hope.


rob said...

Yeah for a great 2011! Love the Zanzibar pic!

Phillippe MK said...

welcome back bro...!!! :)