Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finally done with It

Finally done with It

The year is 1990 and we are all terrified in the back TV room at Robbi D.'s when Pennywise proclaims:  I'll kill you all.  After regaining our wits and courage, "I'll kill you all!" became a sort-of catch phrase for us tweens and teens.  Similar to Bill and company, twenty-plus years later, I was summoned back for another round with It; this time in book form.  And today I finally conquered--all 1104 pages of It.

To answer those gnawing questions (Timothy, why now?  Why this book?) I'll quote myself as quoted by Beatrice Lamwaka in the Books They Read article of the 17th December edition of the Saturday Monitor:

I watched the movie while I was a child and the movie was horrifying. The movie meant a lot to me and my friends when we were young so in a way, I am reminiscing my childhood. I haven't read Stephen King in 15 years.

I agree with the brief review on that 'King's depiction of youngsters is extraordinarily accurate and sympathetic. But there is enough material in this epic for several novels and stories, and the excessive length and numerous interrelated flashbacks eventually become wearying and annoying', except, I'm not sure if I ever found anything annoying.  Truth be told, I had no idea how long the book was when I began it--one of the benefits of a Kindle--and after much reading and little progress in the percentage area, I had to use the internet the look up the quantity of pages.  Truth also be told, that I occasionally took breaks from reading It, most humoursly to read The Santa Land Diaries in the Semien Mountains.  Maybe, like Richie, I needed the dose of humour to conquer It--all 1104 pages of It.  (I also just downloaded the 1990 miniseries, so a movie night is on the horizon.  Join me?)

Perhaps now I'll give Understanding Girls with AD/HA another go.  I even put Rushdie on the back burner during my affair with Mr. King.  Hmmm... I wonder who I'll be taking to bed tonight.

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