Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Today's Plod

Today's Plod

I plodded along with marathon training today and got a run in this afternoon.  The stress release from such a run was much needed after today's failed attempt at a simple bank transaction.  Oh, Stanbic Bank, you are a mighty special institution!  

My running style lately truly feels more like plodding; I feel so tired, exhausted even after rest.  I'm having such a difficult time getting into this running thing again.  I hope I snap out of it soon.  While on my afternoon plod, I noticed this:

madman creative.  Wow!  Now that is creative (assuming it is an ad agency as I strongly suspect it is).  I've never seen Mad Men on Bravo, but I don't live on Mars, so I know that it is immensely popular.  So if the creator of this agency proves to be a creative as its name suggests, then I cannot wait so see ads like these hit the billboards:

Oh, and I think today I committed myself to buying a new sofa.  Blame it on the runner's high.


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Dave2 said...

My running style feels like walking. Probably because it is. So don't feel bad... plodding is a step above me!