Sunday, January 08, 2012

not laziness

not laziness

Ok.  Many distractions.  Much to do.  Priorities out of sync.  Whatever.

A friend scolded me for not chronicling my marathon training experience for the Nairobi Marathon--which I completed on 30th October 2011.   A missed opportunity?  Perhaps.  Well, I'm registered for  the Paris Marathon, which will take place on the 15 April 2012, and I think I officially began my training program this week.  After taking a complete running break for the entire month of December to give my knees a much needed break (not laziness, I!), I've tried to get myself back in the streets this week.  I successfully managed to do this three times; I successfully managed to talk myself out of a run only once.  Overall, not too bad.  The biggest triumph was getting my rear out of bed and out on a run this morning.  True, it was a very short run, but, hey, where were you?

I have a tendency to start blog projects and stop before completion.  Let's just see how this one goes.


15th April.


On the topic of missed opportunities:  Oops!  I almost did it again.  For two weeks in December, I took a trip with three FABULOUS friends to Ethiopia.  Somewhere along the way, I found the need to channel my inner cheerleader?  For a humourous account and lovely photos of our Abyssinian hijinks, read Robyn's blog.  She's definitely on it better than I am these days.  I'll simply say that I have never visited a more beautiful place on this planet than Ethiopia; this was the most special holiday I've taken to date.  And I'll leave you with my three favourite quotes that I overheard during our northern trek.

  • "You should pay the people and get them out of the park," said the Norwegian man to who I interpreted to be his Ethiopian tour guide.
  • "I liked that we did not see many people during our tour.  I guess that means you should keep the population low.  Yeah, that would be good," said the Norwegian man's wife to who I interpreted to be his Ethiopian tour guide.
  • "Sit down!  Girl, this is not a matatu!" said Kelly to the young woman who stood up to get her bag from the overhead compartment as the plane was touching down in Entebbe.  The plane had not even slowed down to taxi into the terminal.

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