Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How could I forget this one?

How could I forget this one?

MFK:  Are you serious?  Do we really have to hike through this herd of baboons?

Guide:  No, they are not baboons.  Baboon is a negative name.  They are mountain monkeys.

MFK:  Ok.  Is there no other way?  Why are we hiking through this herd of mountain monkeys?  Do we really have to?

Guide:  Yes.

MFK:  Why?

Guide:  Because it's nature.

Timothy:  Here, puppy, puppy, puppy!

Today marked one week since I began running again (theoretically training for the Paris Marathon).  I'm not sure how far I ran, and since it was on the hash, I will not even try to map my run online--too many check backs and running through sewage ditches.  It was a fun/good run.  However, it is quite humbling to know how fit I was at the end of October and how unfit I am at the beginning January.  Stamina:  where did it all go?  Tomorrow might be a swimming day.  I'll be back on the streets on Wednesday.

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Duncan Roy said...

training for the Paris marathon??? Hmmmmmm , im glad i aint the only crazy one!