Thursday, July 12, 2007

4 Deep

It would be a shame to let this photo go to waste, stored away in the archives of my iPhoto. It was snapped last month at Katch the Sun in Bugolobi (my home away from home). The occasion was my friend, and sometimes wannabe scandalous lover, Lynne’s birthday. She was in Uganda for a few weeks working on a film. Coincidentally, our friend and former colleague, Meera, was also in Uganda doing research for her degree. Lynne, Meera and I met as Peace Corps Volunteers in Uganda a few years back. Since leaving Uganda in mid-2005, each of us has eventually made our way back for one reason or another. I came back first, and I suspect it was my gravitational force that pulled them back. Or maybe it was Conche. Conche was our APCD (Associate Peace Corps Director, a.k.a. our direct supervisor) for the better part of our service. Among other things, she dropped off care packages of cheese, apples and chocolate to the ends of the earth and always answered her phone by asking, “Are you OK?”


Dave2 said...

I'd leave a comment about how nice it is that you got to meet up with all your friends... and how cool it is that you all managed to be in the same place at the same time... and how lucky you are to have such good friends in the first place... but when I look at that photo, the only thing I REALLY want to say is this: I want that couch! How cool is that?!? :-)

Timothy said...

My friend, Barbarah, created this amazing place, Katch the Sun. The sofa we are sitting on in area that was once the library. She loved to read and created a comfortable space for people to lounge and read. Barbarah left for Vietnam and leased her business. The new owner dismantled the library. Several of the regular customers were devistated. She did re-cover the sofa. It looks good and fabric is nice, but I'm not impressed with her overall color scheme of the place.