Friday, July 20, 2007


That's all I've got to say about that.


In case anyone forgets that this day rolls around every week, seven days after the last one, the Monitor always proclaims it on those little signs on the side of the road used to promote stories. Is the news on Fridays really that insignificant or uninteresting? Or do we really need to be reminded that the work-week is ending?

It is not my intention with this post to pick on the Monitor newspaper, but they’ve left themselves wide open for this one...

Challenge of the Week

What’s wrong with this article?

How many factual errors can you find in this very brief report?

*Bonus points if you can pick out the pieces that are not just erroneous but appear to be invented by the writer.

In other running news: Friday is the day of my long run, and today was my longest one yet.

The battery in my GPS thingy died less than half way into my run, so I'm not sure of the distance. I'll have to measure it on another Friday. However, it was a fun run.

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Kelly said...

Dude, if I ever tried to run that farI would die, I don't know how you do it that is crazy!