Saturday, July 28, 2007

I felt awful today. I did not get out of bed today until 6:00pm. I couldn't believe it. I won't go into the details of my symptoms, but they were not pretty. I'm feeling much better now. Thanks for asking.

I cannot find the charger for my phone. I thought I left it at a friend's house, but I'm there now, and I cannot find it. There is one more place I can think of to check before I give up and have to buy a new one. A spare one around would not be a bad idea. My phone's battery has been dead for two days now, and none of my friends use Samsung, bit I have not been able to borrow a charger.

Pollyanna moment: The good side of this is the money I'm saving on airtime this weekend.

For some reason, lately I've been going through an insane amount of airtime. I think I've at least quadrupled the amount of airtime I go through each week in the last month. I can't believe how frequently I run out.

One last thing, remember Salt N Pepa? I just want to sum something up right here using lyrics from their 1992 hit, Do You Really Want Me?

I know what you're saying. It's cool, but Yo!
I gotta know what,s up. Know what I'm saying?
Cuz sometimes when we're alone kissin' and huggin' and things,
I feel like, Yo is this it? Is it really gonna happen?
And then
Why you teasing me?



(Who am I foolin'?)


Dave2 said...

I am not fond of that moment when you realize that your entire day is gone and you have nothing to show for it (well, nothing you'd want to show for it anyway)... but I guess that's what being sick is about? Glad you're feeling better.

The 27th Comrade said...

At least you reminded me to charge my phone.

Scarlett Lion said...

You've been tagged! See
for more info! SL/GG