Monday, July 30, 2007


I woke up this morning (Sunday. It’s possible I won’t have internet access today, so this might get posted on Monday) after a restless night not feeling quite as much as a train wreck victim as I did yesterday. I’ve been very lucky this past year to have suffered from a record small number of migraines. For a while, I’d get one every Thursday that would last through Saturday. It was quite exhausting, and I had a difficult time being productive during that time. A year and a half ago, I had the record five-day migraine that had me up vomiting at night. This past year, the headaches have been few, not as intense or long-lasting. But occasionally, I’m still cursed with one. Yesterday’s lack of wellness triggered one, and I was awoken no less than five times last night by painful throbs behind my right eye (the side always affected). Some dull pain is still present, but I think the worst is over.

I really want a productive day. It’s been so long since I’ve really had one of those. I’m feeling like a big, lazy blob! However, I feel motivated, something I’ve not felt in a while. What can stand in my way? Apparently, the telephone networks. I’ve been trying to contact people who could aid me on my quest for productivity, but my efforts are proving futile; messages are not getting through and phone calls are being dropped. Boo!

One thing I’d like to accomplish today is acquire a table to set up a workspace at home. I’ve got the chair. I’ve got the printer. I’ve been given a table, but it’s locked in a friend’s garage. My friend just got back from travels to DRC and Rwanda, so I thought I’d just bop over to her place and get the table. Well…I don’t want to go over without calling first. I’m polite that way.

So I just got a message from a friend I’m supposed to meet for coffee this morning. He wants to postpone until four this afternoon. I’m assuming he’s hung-over from last night. Hey, I cannot hold that against anyone. Take as much time as you need, buddy. That just frees up my morning a little more to do something worthwhile like go grocery shopping for the week, wash dishes, make my bed, etc… I don’t need to call first before doing any of these things.

Get movin’!

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