Tuesday, February 01, 2011



This post will be written in record time for me. Forgive any typos and/or other errors that potentially could abound. I snapped my computer cord today, so I'm running on minimal battery supply now. I'm pretty amazed at how long the battery has lasted today. Perhaps the fates are not against me as strongly as previously thought.

I'm pretty intrigued by how much one person can affect another person's life. I mean you can have these great things going on around you, and one person is capable of bringing you down. Or vice versa, when nothing is going your way, one person is capable of bringing you out of a tremendous funk. More interestingly, to me, is that the one person in each scenario, might just be the same person in your life. It all depends on mood and situation.

As independent as I strive to be, I try to have more control over who/what brings me up or gets me down. I want to intrinsically have more control of my mood. I'd like to think I've gotten better at it over time, but then it feels like I'm 17 again. (Sing it Annie!)

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