Wednesday, April 27, 2011

By Candlelight is More Romantic, Right?

By Candlelight is More Romantic, Right?

It was back to work for me today. Because of my track record, I was pretty afraid I'd sleep through my alarm this morning, especially because I stayed up way too late last night writing my blog post, which should not have taken so long to write. Except when I'm sleepy and rushing myself, errors just seem to pop out of nowhere. When proofreading before posting, I ask, "Who wrote that?" or think, "I have no idea what I mean by that." Then I post, re-read what I've posted and find some more mistakes. Eh, all in a day.

I had a pretty sizable 'to do' list today, and surprisingly, I ticked off all of the items. Yes, there was a lot to get done, but the tasks were apparently easier or less time consuming than I thought they'd be. I'm either getting better at my job or just not being as careful with tasks as I was before. Either way, the work was completed, and the results (so far) seem positive. ...We'll see.

I was in the kitchen again this evening. I'm in the process of baking a lasagna. I've not made one in years, and this afternoon reminded me of why I don't really enjoy doing it very often. It's not that lasagna in itself is difficult to make. It's the the process of having to go to at least four different supermarkets to find all of the ingredients; I've spent a good part of two evenings collecting the simple things I needed. Who has time for that?

I've also whipped up some buttercream icing to go on top of the chocolate cupcakes I would like to bake for dessert. As the goddesses would have it, the power went out just moments ago. I'm sitting in the dark, can't use my mixer and really do not feel like beating cake batter by candlelight.

Lasagna and buttercream icing. Everything eaten by candlelight is more romantic, right? Tempting, but I think I'll pass. Funny thing is, I spent all that time in the kitchen, and now I do not feel like eating. I hate wasting food.

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