Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Impediment to Pretty Goodness

Impediment to Pretty Goodness

I have a pretty good idea for a blog post that will have to wait until a later date for sharing. Today has not been a very writer-friendly day for me. Headache, nausea and general exhaustion (all leading me to rue yesterday's decision to turn around and walk down that hill; damn you B, A and G!) are a combination that make you feel more like shutting your eyes in bed and drifting off to relieving slumber and less like thinking about and channeling your pretty good idea for a blog into fruition.

While the tormenting trio (headache, nausea and general exhaustion) have cast a shadow on my day, there were moments when the clouds spread and sun light did shine through.
  • The pitter-pattering rain soothed me to sleep as the thunder played me a lullaby.
  • I ate a whole cheese pizza by myself for lunch. (And I question why the pudge won't leave my stomach.)
  • Pilates was fantastic tonight. Pascale is a wonderful instructor, and we did some exercises tonight that I'd never done before. Beautiful for the obliques.
  • Conversation with a dear friend on the the phone always makes me happy.
  • Oh, did I mention that school let out today for two weeks? Cape Town, come Monday: I'm on my way!

No need for that pill in the bottle labelled: wonderful feeling.

However, I do need to sleep. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get my pretty goodness out.

To those of you walking to work tomorrow: peace.

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