Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Still Walking... (Sometimes it even gets steep)

Still Walking...
(Sometimes it even gets steep)

Taking Platteklip Gorge, I hiked my way to the top of Table Mountain this morning. It was a much easier hike than going to the top of Lamoj in Kidepo earlier this year. Maybe I'm just in better shape. Perhaps it was the excellent condition of the trail that allowed me to keep a steady and well-paced walk as I went up. It was most likely a combination of the two, strongly influenced by the lack of explosive diarrhea the night before today's hike. The view from the top of the mountain was spectacular, and the satisfaction of having climbed to the top made the sights all the more enjoyable.

After a return to my lodging and a brief, one-hour rest, it was off to the V&A Waterfront. Since I was not going to get a run in today, I decided to walk. I walked and walked and walked and... From the Waterfront, I walked on to the Cape Town Stadium, the one built for the World Cup. But who gives a rat's ass about football anyway? That's right, I don't. Oh, the crazy things tourists do!

Back at the Waterfront, at one of the shopping centers I found a Body Shop. That could put my credit card in a dangerous, dangerous situation...

The walks continued in Kampala yesterday, but unfortunately, those were not as enjoyable as mine today here in SA. Fools have been given power and weapons they do not have the sense to use with discretion. As happens all too often in our lovely world, innocent children have fallen victim.

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