Sunday, April 24, 2011

I Dreamed of Jeanie

I Dreamed of Jeanie

Today's journey took me to Stellenbosch for wine tasting. Wine is my second favourite export from Stellenbosch because they produce it oh so well. My favourite export from Stellenbosch, my absolute favourite is Jeanie J.

Stellen B. is Jeanie J. to me. XOXO! My life just wouldn't be the same.

The tour took us to the estates of Tokara, Muratie, Simonsig and Warwick. It was an entire-day outing, and today, of all the days I've been in the area, was the best for such a tour because the weather was rainy and cold. While the views from the vineyards were not as stunning as they might have been on a clearer day, being indoors with fires in fireplaces and sipping glasses of some spectacular red wines was a pretty good day to spend a cold, wet day in SA. We tasted some pretty good whites as well. I'm no connoisseur of wine, but I do aspire to one day be able to differentiate and identify the various scents and flavours influenced by nature and terroir that are captured by the vignerons, winewakers and vintners who then share them with us.

My little holiday is drawing to a close. I leave for the airport at 5:ooam. (This is the third time in the past seven days that I've had a 4:00am wake up. Ridiculous!) It's been a fabulous time with lots of memories made. However, I'm really looking forward to returning to Kampala and my wonderful peeps, including Jeanie J--hopefully accompanied by a nice glass of wine.

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