Monday, April 04, 2011

Manic Depression

Manic Depression

If I suffered from manic depression, then last weekend would be described as my mania. Lord, I'd be afraid of the depression that I'd be on the verge of falling into. It would be like coming home from a shopping trip to find your brother had cooked up a storm while you were away. The kitchen would be full of a dozen different dishes that really did not complement each other; flour would be on every surface; there'd be a pile of dirty dishes by the sink. Then when you said that you would only eat a small bite because you'd already eaten out; dishes would be thrown; you'd be cursed for everything you were good for and then some; you'd be the bad guy. Luckily, I'm not manic-depressive and I can still enjoy the buzz from the high of the fabulous two days I'm coming off of.

It cannot remember a Satuday better spent. It began (as many good Saturdays do) with a 9km run with Robyn. We were blessed with a lovely, cool morning, and tried out a new running path that proved to be quite enjoyable. She and I had a very pleasant breakfast afterwards at Cafe Java's: the best place in Kampala to refuel after a good run.

Later that morning, Rowena led me out of my comfort zone to much better things. Yes, the grass can be greener. She and I joined a group of her friends, and we all went to visit the children's cancer ward at Mulago Hospital. People with cancer hold a special place in my heart; I had to accept her invitation. We took with us supplies and gifts for the patients and their caregivers. Beautiful smiles, appreciative handshakes and that lump you get in your throat when holding back emotion were our rewards. I'd not done anything like that in a long time; I've recognised something that is missing in my life: service to others. It was such a beautiful experience, being a part of this group of people who took time out of their weekend to assist people they had no other connection with besides community.

Saturday evening I was off to Munyonyo for a sunset cruise on Lake Vitoria, in vulgar parlance: a booze cruise. Once again I was Lynne's plus one. Oh, the places being an accessory have taken me! (xoxo) At the risk of sounding cliche, I will add that it was a three-hour tour. The setting was stunning. Conversation flowed and wine was poured. The meal was fine (can't expect anything more when it's prepared by Speke, can you?), and the caterers used damn cheap plastic wine glasses that were all scratched up from excessive use and washing. I noticed one glass had mold growing in the stem, and true to fashion, I informed the bartender who did not make an effort to get rid of it fast enough to suit me, so I pick up the glass and threw it behind the bar. Back to the stunning setting:

Sunday morning was the annual International School of Uganda Charity Run. This was was my third year (I think) to participate. I bill the run as The Most Difficult 10Km Run in Kampala. To describe it as hilly would be an understatement. This run makes me more thankful for the German language and the modifier über. The run in Lubowa is über-hilly. Because it was only 10km, I really pushed myself and completed it in my best time; however, it was not my best 10km time ever, remember: über-hilly. Over the past three weekends, I have completed the 7-Hills Run (around 20km run), the Lake Victoria Triathlon (51km of swimming, cycling and swimming), and this 10km charity run. Of all three of these event, only yesterday's run has left me sore. In my legs. In my abs. In my shoulders. Go figure. But it's a good pain: hurts so good.

The afternoon after the run I had a fabulous lunch at Peter's with Alex and Joe. On the menu were pork chops that had been marinated overnight in Guiness. After lunch was a lounge on the sofa, dozing off to Kill Bill in the background.

No, I don't anticipate any depression coming on soon. I'm not looking for any buzzkills either. It would be great to keep the momentum of the weekend going throughout the week. The hash was pretty great tonight. Perhaps tomorrow night will be another evening at the Cineplex. Anyone wanna join me to see a so-bad-it's-good film? It's likely I'll go see The Roomate, staring Blair Waldorf.

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Robyn said...

It is a manic weekend-but sounds so good! x