Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Roommate

The Roommate

I'm getting better at these rest days. I figure if I keep myself busy enough, I have less time to be frustrated. Multi-tasking is key to making that happen for me. I'm like the metaphorical ADHD kid who has multiple plates spinning on sticks and must run amongst them, keeping them spinning so they do not fall down and break. This Tuesday evening's activities once again included going to the Cineplex, half-price tickets on Tuesdays! Last week, Nina made me think. This week, I only wanted to be entertained: no thinking required. Lucky for me, The Roommate was showing.

In this season of Gossip Girl, Blair Waldorf leaves Chuck, Serena and New York University for a new life in LA as an art student at fictitious ULA. She becomes roommates with a hybrid of Jenny from the Block and Britney à la In the Zone. We'll call her J-Zo

Blair misses her BFF, Serena, so much that she begins to obsess over J-Zo. True to fashion, Blair must be the center of attention. She does not want J-Zo to have any other friends; she wants to be the queen bee of J-Zo's life. Before long, Blair is up to her manipulative tricks again, and this leads her to the seduction of multiple partners, masochism and a brief lesbian affair that includes cinnamon lip gloss (this whole film is like a prolonged lip gloss add) and some extreme bondage.

If you thought Gossip Girl was "mind-blowingly inappropriate" before, Blair takes it to another level when she moves to LA. She adopts new parents, forgets to take her medication, puts the cat in the dryer, and bullies students and professors alike. Does she get her way in the end? Or does she die trying? For the answers to these questions and more, go see Gossip Girl: The Roommate season, now showing at Cineplex.

I'm raving:

"It was supposed to be a comedy, right?"

"The best so-bad-that-it's-good movie to hit Kampala since Burlesque!"

"Haven't you hear? Even with bad hair, Blair Waldrof's still the crazy bitch around here."

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