Thursday, May 24, 2007

Candy Everybody Wants

MySpace can be quite entertaining for a while, but the pages are all so similar that after a brief browse, one can get bored. Yes, I have a MySpace profile. I'm not going to link to it because it is old and not updated. You can track it down if you like. The joy of MySpace, however, is finding old friends and getting a kick out of the utter tackiness of their pages (remember, I said I have a page of my own).

Anytime I feeling down, or bored, I just do a search for my old high school and I know that I can count on a couple of people I once knew (and no longer have any contact with) to slap a huge grin on my face. The following are some pictures of my absolute favorite page to visit. It is a true red-neck masterpiece and makes me want to go home just to hang out and get reacquainted with a way of life I once knew. It was the only way of life I knew.

Froggin', for those who don't know, is going out the river or swamp and catching frog. That simple. Usually one uses a gig, or harpoon like device.

Just lookin' for a night in heaven, I guess. Any way she can find it.

This particular MySpace page was "pimped" more divinely than most:

And nothing shows the love of god in your heart more than the prominent display of the sparkling Confederate Naval Jack on your page.

If heaven ain't a lot like Dixie, I don't wanna go...

Oh, on a totally related topic because it involves THE WORD, Paris Hilton, appears to have found the way.

Two things I never imagined I'd see:

1. Paris holding a Bible.

2. Paris reading the Bible.


Perhaps there's hope for me yet.

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Iwaya said...

that picture of Paris Hilton is a classic! i tell you, it's priceless!