Wednesday, May 09, 2007


A friend just told me that she didn’t think that change would bother me very much because my life is full of it. I’ve changed continents many time, changed languages, changed jobs and types of work. Change. Change. Change.

That is all true, but those changes were ok by me because those changes were caused by my decisions. I chose those changes. I was in control and made the choices. Changes that I have no control over, things that happen to me when I have no say in the matter, kind of bother me: big time.

Big change: My second home in Bugolobi, the coffee shop/restaurant/bar/internet café that I’ve blogged about so fondly in the past, has changed owners. Boo! I don’t know the new owner (and I've heard that she really nice and that I'll like her once I've had a chance to get to know her), so it’s probably not fair booing her, but I ADORE the founder and previous owner of the place. She’s leaving the continent for Asia, so someone had to take over. My problem with the change is that the new owner is making so many radical changes to my space, and I have no say in the matter. I walked in today and go sick in the stomach. Colors are changing, and they are the wrong shades to look good together. Boo! Tacky candle fixtures are up everywhere. Boo! I just found out that the library has been dismantled. Boo! The menu covers are now flimsy cloth. Boo! The place mats changed from natural materials like raffia and bamboo to…plastic. Boo! Boo! Boo! I just threw up a bit in the back of my mouth typing this.

Honey, what's that? That. What's goin' on there?




If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

I also heard that they are going to begin to broadcast football (soccer to those in the US). GASP! That would be the ultimate betrayal to those of us who go there to escape football. I go there to get into a good book or chat with friends. What’s that going to be like with people cheering a game?

I don’t want to give up so easily, so I’m trying to stick it out and see if I can adjust and get used to the changes. I know I have a tendency to freak out about changes that I have no control over. Hopefully, it's only that I'm not fond of the in-between phase, and I'll love the finished product. Hopefully...maybe.

Why'd u have to change on me?
I loved u just the way u were.
I wish that things could b the way they used 2 b.
When loved u, and u loved me.


kelly said...

Uh!!! That sounds atrocious! Footballl!?!?! Double Ug! Plastic place mats, WTF!

Even I am dismayed and I only go to KTS like once or twice a month! Banange! You are so right, if it ain't broke don't fix it.

The only thing they should have changed was the service, as in train the waiters better and make the food come out faster. Boo on the new owner.

Anonymous said...

Tim, I just googled your name and poof-- there you were. How can I reach you? Erin