Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thank Babbs:

Goddess of Gorgeous

How can you make my day, my week, quiet possibly my month? You give me a big, beautiful mirror. That’s exactly what my friend did for me today.

Only a day after learning that I’ve not had a mirror in my home since the middle of February, she called me this afternoon and told me to come pick up the large looking glass. Imagine, I’ve been dressing, getting ready for nights out and all without the aid of a mirror. I’ve been relying on instinct to know if everything was in place and looked good. I’m sure I’ve goofed up a few times, but overall, I think I’ve don’t pretty well. I always got nervous after shaving, worrying I’d cut myself somewhere and didn’t know it. How embarrassing to leave home with dried blood on one’s chin! I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Isn’t the frame lovely?

Power went off about 15 minutes ago. Boo! I’m trying to finish up that Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice book. I’ll probably end up at Katch the Sun, my favorite local coffee shop/bar/restaurant/art gallery/internet café, in a little while because they’ll have light. I hesitate to go down there because that equates to spending money. I can already hear the cake calling my name. They just changed management at Katch the Sun. I haven’t met the woman who runs the place now. I loved the woman who ran it before, and I’m really going to miss going down there and hanging out with her in the evenings.

I took the day off from running because I hurt my ankle a little yesterday, and I wanted to give it a rest. It feels much better, so I’m going to make an effort to drag my ass out of bed in the morning at 6:00. I’ve not had a mirror around since I began running so much again. You can bet that I’m going to look at myself in the buff after I run in the morning and admire any improvements.

Mirror Mirror hanging on the wall
You don't have to tell me who's the biggest fool of all.

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