Sunday, May 06, 2007


I finally went out again this weekend. After sequestering myself in Bugolobi for the past four weeks, I decided it was time to make contact with the greater-Kampala, and I ventured out to meet my friend, Jen, at Cheese Bar. She was there with some friends who happened to be people I also knew (but not well) and we had a merry ol’ time. I also ran into Wasswa, a great friend of mine. Weekends used to be ours; we were always together. However, the month of April was a trying time for the both of us, so we both laid low in our respective homes. It had been four weeks since I’d last seen him. It is amazing how just seeing someone can evoke strong emotions. I was so happy to see my dear friend; an instant smile was carved on my face, and it felt so good to get and give a hug.

I repeat: it is amazing how just seeing someone can evoke strong emotions. After a couple of wonderful hours reconnecting with old friends and getting better acquainted with new ones, I get word from a friend that an old friend had just entered the bar. I never saw the old friend (nor did I need or want to), but strong feelings of pain and anger began to bubble inside. Without much explanation, I (with a huge smile plastered on my face) said good-bye to everyone at my table and took the next taxi home.


So here I am one room away from where I know youre standing.
A well-intentioned man told me you just walked in.
This man knows not of how this information has affected me,
But he knows the colour of the car I just drove away in

What are you my kin? You touch me like you are my kin.
What are you my air? you affect me like you are my air.

Saturday morning, I woke up with the memory of the previous night. I was so frustrated with myself for allowing someone to have such an influence over me. How could only the knowledge of this person being in the vicinity of me cause me to abandon my friends, and a good night, and go home? I got out of bed, got dressed, grabbed my iPod and set off on a run. I had no idea where I was going. I just needed work off my frustration. I ended up putting in a good 15k-er around Kololo then stopped by the supermarket for some fresh doughnuts. I felt like I deserved them.

My former Peace Corps colleague and friend, Lynne, just got into town. She’s here for three weeks filming an instructional video for health care workers in Africa about counseling children who are HIV positive. It’s so great having her around. We met for dinner last night at Pavement Tandoori in Kisementi. The place smelled so good when we walked in. We were joined by a few other people, many we were meeting for the first time: friends of friends. It turned into a fantastic evening of great food and even better conversation. I’m looking forward to two more weeks of good times with Lynne.

Today was the 2007 European Union-Uganda Village, a celebration of cooperation and diversity, at the Kyadondo Rugby Club in Lugogo. I was a bit reluctant to make an appearance, but I’m so glad the pro-attendance voice in my head won out. It was a really nice event. Different tribes in Uganda as well as several European Union countries had tents showcasing their culture set up around an enormous central tent housing performances. There were performances of several traditional dances from various regions of Uganda and traditional music from across Europe. Different Ugandan artists also had booths set up. I bought a couple of works by Peter Otim, a renowned Ugandan Artist. I’ve been to his gallery once, and I liked his work. I met him today and decided to pick up a couple of his tiles. He was displaying a few of his etching, which I loved. I wish I could’ve picked up a couple of those, but I didn’t come with a wallet prepared for that expense. There was tons of food from Europe and Uganda. Unfortunately, I’d just eaten a big plate of fajitas from Café PAP; I couldn’t eat another bite.

My school also had a tent. (Yay!) I have to admit that it was the busiest one there. (Yay!) Most of the other tents were not geared towards young children, and ours was: drumming, races, face painting and coloring. I didn’t have to look hard to find it. I heard that terrific drumming almost immediately after walking through the event entrance. I really love my schools involvement in community events such as this. There is a core group of teachers that loves getting involved, and they are very talented at organizing activities that children love.

Give me a beat!

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Dave2 said...

I make a conscious effort to not allow anybody to have an influence over my life in such a negative way... but it does happen from time to time. Just the way life goes, I guess.