Monday, February 07, 2011

Elephant in the Room

Elephant in the Room

I'm just gonna come out and state the obvious: brain tumors suck. (Thanks Ms. McDermott for your lesson in bluntness and unabashedly pointing out the elephant in the room.)

Just as there are things that suck in the world (e.g. brain tumors), there are things that most definitely not.

For instance, the fair at Magic Moments in Mbuya last Saturday did not suck. (Thanks Ms. McDermott for being my hot date.) I mean, there was too much good stuff to keep stuffing my face with for it to even remotely suck. In fact, they even had large, soft pretzels--like the one's you buy off the streets of New York.

Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday most definitely does not suck. Because of the mixed reviews, I was tempted to not get it. However, Nicki's amazing contribution to Kanye's Monster sold me. Whoever gave this album a bad review was most definitely not a runner. Pink Friday is the best recent set of music to have on one's iPod on a long, hilly run, i.e. Kampala. Roman's Revenge can really get you up those hills!

I can't think of anything that sucks less than spending a sunny weekend afternoon poolside with amazing people. Join that with some magazines and French fries, and you really can forget about and escape from things that truly suck.

Julie Brown as Medusa once said: "No matter how hard you try, you can't make lemonade from a dead dog." Truer words never spoken. Equally true: "No matter how hard you try, you can't make lemonade from a brain tumor." They suck.

You can't treat your way out of this problem.

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Anonymous said...

No doubt about it-it sucks. Thinking of you.x