Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Midnight Run

Midnight Run

Thanks to the arrival of Nakumatt in Kampala, 24-hour shopping was introduced. Nakumatt is spreading across the city, and we now have our very own Nakumatt in Bugolobi, open 24 hours a day. While I respect a person's need to rest, and 'mom and pop' shops (a foundation of the economy that I truly believe play a vital role, yet every economy must evolve) must have a closing time, I sometimes need to make a few purchases 'after hours'.

My appreciation for 24-hour shopping really began in May of 2003 when an incompetent travel agent booked me to Panama City, Panama instead of Panama City, Florida from Uganda, and I almost missed my father's funeral. After hours of quasi-agony I arrived at the correct destination at 2:00am with no baggage, yet I had an important funeral to attend in a matter of hours.

Super Wal-Mart. Need I say more?

More recently, a busy day accompanied by a beautiful distraction occupied me before a trip upcountry on a one-week trip to Kidepo Valley National Park. Without Nakumatt and 24-hour shopping, I would not have gone hungry, but my snacks (including double-stuffed Oreos) would not have been as interesting.

I'm probably the world's worst procrastinator. In my mind there is always plenty of time remaining. Putting things off until the last minute is the way I roll. A request was made for dried pineapple tomorrow. 9:00pm: Yes, I said I'd go to the supermarket... but there's always more time. Midnight: I'm driving down to the Nakumatt. Still no need to rush.

Yes, I found the dried pineapple.

The soundtrack of this evening: Kanye West, Dark Fantasy

Cindy? Really?


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