Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Unfortunately, I'm not known to be the most patience or tolerant person (remember, I recently posted about working on my patience)--just ask the produce guy at Uchumi who recently had lemons hurled in his direction when he tried to get me to use an additional plastic bag. How environmentally unfriendly is that? I'm still working on my patience. No miracles yet. Baby steps.

I have my ideas of what is right and wrong, a pretty strong sense of justice. Well, "someone I know" found himself in a situation today where he needed to travel for emergency purposes. Here's the catch. His work permit expired about 12 days ago, and his passport had been in immigration since the 4th February. He had to get his passport out to catch his flight today. His special pass had been processed, yet one person's signature was still needed for it to be valid. To get that done can take up to three days. He was told that with a little "facilitation" it could be done pretty much immediately. Here's where he found himself in a moral dilemma. To pay or not to pay? However, because of the nature of the trip he needed to take, the "facilitation" fee was a non-issue.

But was he not feeding the filthy beast of corruption?

Despite my intolerance of actions I do not consider just, I choose not to judge "my friend" too harshly on this occasion because, frankly, he's got enough on his plate to deal with at the moment.

See, baby steps.

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